Media Education Center

Basic Concept

The Media Education Center of the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd picks up and analyses social changes that are conditioned by media technology developments. It explores and develops suitable pedagogical concepts to support media education processes within and outside of educational institutions.

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Aims and Action Areas

Coordination and Strengthening of Research and Education

The Media Education Center does not only realise research and development projects. Furthermore, it serves as a tool to coordinate existing research projects at the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd within a significant innovation field of school education – the Media Education. The installation of interdisciplinary working contexts in the fields of fundamental sciences, teaching methodologies and technology development are central elements for the innovation of media education at schools. Further, the establishment of cooperations between the first, second and third phase of teacher training and the connection of scientific insights to practical school experiences are of crucial importance.

Through interlinking research, teaching, development and school practical fields of experience an empirically founded development of innovative concepts for media education shall be achieved that regards the complexity of educational contextual factors.

Innovation of Teaching

Digital technologies open special potentials to innovation of university teaching and school education given in the form of e-learning and blended learning approaches.

The Media Education Center promotes the development and implementation of innovative teaching concepts by including digital technologies and supports the extension of training offers in collaboration with existing facilities.

In order to support these activities, we are currently setting up a Media Education Lab (ME.Lab), in which teaching concepts and media products for learning using digital media can be developed and tested.

Management and Employees

Management and Managing Directors

Prof. Dr. Thomas Irion
Prof. Dr. Thomas IrionManagement
Nico Hägele
Nico HägeleActing Managing Director
Maja Schneider, M.A.
Maja Schneider, M.A.Managing Director Research and Development

Scientific Staff

Christian Biermann
Christian BiermannResearch Associate
Carina Ruber
Carina RuberResearch Associate
Kristin Taust
Kristin TaustResearch Associate


Media Education Center
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